Objects:  The main object of this process is to print the fabric.

  1. To print on the cotton fabric.

Recipe :                     

Dyestuff = 2 parts.

K2CO3 = 4 parts

Glycerine = 4 parts.

Hydrox = 4 parts.

Rongulile = 4 parts.

Thickener = 70 parts

Water = 12 parts

Total = 100 parts


  1. Thickener preparation :Take 8 gm of thickener and add 100 c.c water. We add 8 gm starch in 100 c.c water & boiled till we get the required viscosity. 
  2. Dyestuff +glycerin+ small water = 1st paste
  3. K2CO+ small water = 2nd paste
  4. 1st Paste+ 2nd paste + Hydrox +Thickener = printing paste       

Procedure : 

  1. After prepared the printing paste we take it in the printing table
  2. small amount of the paste is take on the table
  3. then we take the printing block on the paste.
  4. The paste is adhere with the block and then we put the block on the fabric.
  5. We create the pressure on the block and the printing is done on the fabric.
  6. The printing is also done by process.


  1. The thickener will get the required viscosity.
  2. Small amount of water will take in every paste.
  3. After printing it is required to dry the fabric.


Printing is an important experiment in textile technology. Cotton fabric is the mostly used fabric from old ages to now. So, this experiment will do a great favor to us in future days.