Method of polyester dyeing : 

There are 3 methods of polyester dyeing .they are

  •   Carrier method
  •   Pad thermosol method
  •   High temperature high pressure method

  Polyester Dyeing process

A. Carrier method:


Paste dye  with dispersing agent

  process curve : 

.  pad thermosol method

it is a continuous method of dyeing . in this process 180-220* C temp is needed. Dyeing can be possible within very short time like 1-2 min. it has 4 steps

  1. padding
  2. drying
  3. thermofixing
  4. after treatment


 padded with dye with chemical

dryed in IR dryer

thermosol unit in 180-220 *C for  60-90s

wash to remove unfixed dye

  Thermosol process curve